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2009-08-25 00:52:28 by technodigits7

HEY!!!!! I made a new sang (FINALLY) and I really want you guys to check it out..Im back...i haven't writen any commments or made any songs for that matter..but now i HAVE SO ENJOY!!


2009-02-01 20:48:43 by technodigits7

well i ahev a new song up its called boom from now on you can call me chekaz or yup...if you would lease check it out and comment it means alot to yeah...hurry up and comment ( lol jks)


ps. peace easy!!


2009-01-15 16:45:41 by technodigits7

im kinda tired....but anyways i know u guys probably think im jus aerage dj but i want u guys to give me some commments even if my songs suck please i need to know i have at least a small audience

plea n thx

ps.... crakle n technodigits rule as a team!!!!