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2009-01-15 16:45:41 by technodigits7

im kinda tired....but anyways i know u guys probably think im jus aerage dj but i want u guys to give me some commments even if my songs suck please i need to know i have at least a small audience

plea n thx

ps.... crakle n technodigits rule as a team!!!!



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2009-01-18 11:10:09

You have an audience ^^!!! yes it does rule as a team yes it does im surr youll get ppl reviewing

technodigits7 responds:

yeah thx....ur a good friend...but ur stilll the only one that comments its not fair do my songs suck that bad that people dont wanna comment and say its bad!!!


2009-01-20 19:48:23

Well... I'm here to give honest reviews if you need. You can also check my songs out for any ideas, too. I think my newest song "Vehement Arena - remix" would be good to listen to since it's almost techno. Good luck to your music!

technodigits7 responds:

thx lots and yeah im gonna check out ur songs. i love name is so random...when i made my acount it jus popped out like out of nowhere in my head so yea i put it