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2009-02-01 20:48:43 by technodigits7

well i ahev a new song up its called boom from now on you can call me chekaz or yup...if you would lease check it out and comment it means alot to yeah...hurry up and comment ( lol jks)


ps. peace easy!!


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2009-02-13 16:36:02

XD awsome yeah i like technodigits7 more then chekaz

technodigits7 responds:



2009-02-13 17:52:58

I agree with Crackle. But what would be cool if you kinda "spiced" the look of your nick name. Like... t3chno-diG!ts[7] or something like that. :D Anyways, keep those songs coming!

technodigits7 responds:

sweet!!! i like that i'll try that...wait for it... booom!!